• Integrity Control and Evaluation of Machines and structures

    Mr. Ashizawa and I visited Prof. Kamekawa and Prof. Marui’s laboratory at Tokyo University of the Arts by the introduction of Mr. Ashizawa, a doctoral student. We were able to see the facilities that are not available at Tokyo Tech, such as the one shown in the photo, and also had a demonstration of 22.2ch multi-channel acoustics, playing a sound source that we brought with us in a room designed to prevent standing waves. By placing speakers in various orientations and emitting sound from each speaker in an appropriate manner, the sound that was sounding in the distance could come closer to you or move away from you.
    My field of specialization is “ultrasonic” sound waves outside the audible range. In the ultrasonic phased array system used in the industrial and medical fields, the propagation direction of ultrasonic waves is controlled by using multiple ultrasonic wave generators. There are similarities and dissimilarities between the technology and concept of the above demonstration, and I learned a lot about both for my own future research. Before my visit, I was honestly worried that I would not be able to continue talking with professors who specialize in audible sound and professors like me who specialize in ultrasonic sound, but after talking with them, I found that we had many topics in common and that we knew some professors in common. After the visit, we changed places and talked until late. After the visit, we changed places and talked until late. We would like to thank both professors for taking time out of their busy schedules for us.